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Some are drawn to air, some find their love on the water. We are that extra something that connects you with the water in the most reliable and enjoyable way. Premium quality water-sport equipment from 8 different brands with attention to every single detail and concern for the environment.

Most Popular

Safety kit eco

Safety kit Eco includes all vital items for touring kayakers, that you should not boat without. Includes an inflatable paddle float with reflective tape to assist you in re-entering your boat in open water, bilge pump, simple throw bag, paddle leash and loud whistle to signal other boaters. Be prepared and do not leave without a safety kit.

Fit 147 PE

Fit 147 PE combines the superb maneuverability, good tracking and affordable price. Hard chine hull provides greater initial stability and fair amount of speed. Roomier cockpit makes it easier to get inside the boat and gives you more comfortable fit. Two storage compartments can hold your gear for any paddling daytrip. This kayak is made of single layer high-density polyethylene.

Arrow Play MV

Arrow Play MV is a performance sea kayak, developed specially for maneuvering and Playing in the sea. It is also an excellent kayak for day trips and longer overnight getaways. The hull has significant rocker and volume in the bow to avoid diving when riding down the wave. The mid-section has a slightly rounded profile making it very smooth form edge to edge. This combined with the hard chines make the Play a joy to paddle whether you enjoy the rough stuff or just want a sea kayak that responds instantly to your moves. We have spent hundreds of hours with development, research and testing the Play MV model. Now the Play has proven to be very popular sea kayak over Scandinavia. We have redesigned the deck and bow making the deck look smoother with softer lines; especially the front deck has a lower appearance and will catch less wind. The deck line outfitting has been made more practical and the overhang in the bow has been lowered and extended. The key selling point for the Play MV is versatility – it fits wide range of paddlers in almost all skill levels. It is stable without sacrificing maneuverability and speed.

Arrow Nuka GT

The Nuka GT is relatively short at 5.05 meters but despite its length it has a very effortless glide and great acceleration. The Nuka GT has a speed optimized hull and soft chine’s, the hull is rounded for less resistance and less wet surface making the Nuka GT glide effortlessly through the water. The Nuka GT is a touring kayak. It has much practical deck line layout. The rear hatch is oval making it easy to load the kayak on overnight trips. The GT has less rocker and more raking bow and stern which increases the waterline when loaded. The GT is still a nimble kayak and is slightly faster and has better acceleration than the old Nuka. The Nuka GT can be easily fitted with a rudder for those who prefer to focus forward momentum rather than the correction strokes and edging. The Nuka GT has been very popular since it was introduced in spring 2012. Especially the carbon version Weighing around 19 kg is very attractive to those who handles their kayak alone.